August 30, 2010

the weekend in pictures (well, Saturday afternoon, anyway)

Saturday started out as a lazy morning, which was nice-- then, we headed to Roseglen Shelties to meet Cherry Bomb, the expectant mama. Her puppies are due next week, which you couldn't prove by me-- she doesn't even look pregnant! (maybe it's all that hair?!?)

She is a sweetie, too-- this is her, with Helene. She is so tiny and dainty- looking next to Bisbee, and Bisbee is only an inch and a half taller than her; it's amazing how much difference a little height makes for a small dog. Bisbee always looked small next to Sedona, so it's interesting to see her as the big dog!

Bisbee did want to play, but Cherry didn't really know whether she wanted to or not. We didn't have a chance to meet Kachina (Bisbee's sister), unfortunately, but in talking to Helene about Bisbee, we discovered that they do share some similarities of personality, which was really interesting to find out, considering they haven't been together since they were just a few months old! On the way home, we saw a rainbow over the mountains... for a few minutes, there was a second one, but I couldn't get a good shot of it on camera.
Bisbee didn't exactly like the car ride there and back-- she looked pretty green around the gills most of the way (it was about an hour each way), so she napped most of the evening after we got home.

I know I didn't get good shots of the clouds, but I did try... that split second when the light shines out from behind, as they move out of the way is gorgeous, but the camera just couldn't get it... these clouds were huge, and later that night they turned into a pretty impressive monsoon storm.

Now, we just have to wait for good puppy news from Helene, and cross our fingers that there's a puppy out there for us! (This link is to a photo of the sire-- he's gorgeous, isn't he?? I can't wait to see what the puppies look like!)

August 27, 2010

another link- ...or three.


Bisbee needed a bath pretty bad, and she doesn't let us brush out the tangles, so she went to the Puppy Love Pet Salon this week for a bath and trim... Melissa at the salon says Bisbee sits in her lap while the dryer is going, 'cause she's scared of it; Bisbee is such a sweetie!! I took the bow out pretty quickly after I got her home, but I did have to take a few pictures of it first-- Bisbee is a girly-looking little dog, and the bow sort of "fits" with her personality, and actually looked kinda cute!!
We're headed to the breeder's this weekend, which is another reason we got her all prettied up. We're going to take her with us, so Helene can see how she grew up, and I wanted her to look nice! They have a litter on the way (the puppies are expected next month), and we want to meet the expectant mama to see what she's like. It's still hard to think about Sedona being gone, but Bisbee needs canine companionship, so hopefully later this fall (cross your fingers for us!) we'll be bringing home another Sheltie.

August 26, 2010

August 25, 2010

more paper and glue!

paper and glue is so much fun... the things you can do with it are just endless! (if somewhat messy, however...) Another thrift-store rescue plate, this time a really cute one with a scalloped edge. The rose was cut from a vintage gardening book I found in the "For Sale" section at the library, and the red polka dots are hole punches that were each placed one at a time (very fiddly, but I like the look). The background was going to be pink, but the rose just didn't stand out enough against that, so I went for contrasting with yellow tissue paper, instead-- very bright, and not my usual style, but I like it. Now,what else can I cover with paper?? (the cats would love to help, but that might be a bit too messy... lol!)

August 23, 2010

some crafting has been going on...

I just haven't had much "crafting mojo" lately, but I have done a couple things. (I've got a lot of things half-finished; it's completing them that's the issue, as usual, but more so lately.)

I got out my collection of cigar bands again, and decoupaged them onto a glass saucer I scored at the thrift store. The saucer is only 6 inches across, but it still took a fair number of cigar bands to fill in. I stuck with a more limited number of cigar brands, to make a fairly symmetrical design with a somewhat more subdued color palette.

I started by printing out a clip art image from my computer for the center design, but our printer ink isn't water-resistant, so I had to change my idea. I like what I ended up with, though: two Indian Tabac cigar bands that I trimmed to fit the center part of the plate. These plates take a while to decorate, and are actually quite messy to do (I get gel medium all over everything while I'm working on them!), but I really like the way they turn out when they're done. This plate is for sale in my Etsy shop, so if you know a cigar aficionado who needs someplace to put paperclips on their desk, or something to corral their loose change on their dresser, this is a perfect gift for them!! (another reason to check out my Etsy shop: the site recently changed the formatting for individual shops, so it's been redesigned a bit to make the format wider, with larger pictures... the design isn't quite final yet, but I think it shows off the items nicely! And of course, all sales right now will go towards my 3-Day for the Cure fundraising for breast cancer!!)

These tags are part of a huge pile of manila shipping tags that I hand-dyed over the last couple weeks... I have a somewhat limited choice of inks to use, but these were made by mixing butterscotch yellow and a barn red, to come up with a nice fall-ish orange color. I stamped them with Pumpkin StazOn ink, then added a couple touches of vintage dictionary paper.
I love the glowing orange color; it reminds me of autumn. (Which isn't here in AZ yet, unfortunately- it's been hot and humid, with very infrequent monsoon storms. The storms don't even clear out the humidity.) These tags are also for sale in my Etsy shop- check them out, along with others, in the Tag and Bookmark section of my shop. Look for more crafting soon. if I can remember to post the pictures, that is... :D

August 15, 2010

a very big thank you...

to all who commented and expressed your sympathies
to us on Sedona's passing.
her loss has definitely left a bigger hole in our lives than we ever imagined possible, and we know it will take a long time to come to terms with the grief.
Bisbee is definitely a bit confused, too... Sedona was always the leader, and Bisbee went along with all her games (and getting into trouble. too!) Bisbee will have some adjusting to do, as will we-- Ariel has been great, though, giving her some animal companionship (and someone to chase!)

August 10, 2010

a tribute (LOTS of pictures)

to the best dog ever.
Sedona the Sheltie
April 24, 2005 - August 9, 2010
...we thought we had so much more time with you...
Christmas portrait 2009

doggy kisses!!

her first day home

sleepy puppy belly she was always ready for a game!
she still had the sleepy puppy belly, even all Agrown up!
at the dog park, with Tom.
having a great time!!
she loved playing with Bisbee!! rest in peace.