January 02, 2011

another random photo post

I always have these grand plans for writing themed blog posts, but never get around to writing them... So, in order to get the photos out there and posted, I'm doing another "sort-of-random" photo post, starting with leftovers from my Christmas crafting-- a couple commissioned items. (it sounds so grandiose when I write it, but technically they were commissioned; I'm just not comfortable with the word.)
This is a comissioned stocking for a coworker's dog-- I love that he wanted a stocking for his dog!! Since the dog's name is Capone, Mike wanted the design to be sort of "gangsterish" to reflect that, and he's the one who actually gave me the fedora-hanging-on-the-cuff design idea.
I love how this little hat turned out; it totally reminds me of Frank Sinatra!! The only thing I didn't have is something to decorate the hatband with, unfortunately. I am keeping my eye out for a button with a pawprint design on it, and once I find one, I'll add it. Mike said Capone wasn't too excited about the stocking (he was more interested in the rawhide bone inside it!), but he liked it, which is important, since he's the buyer.
These finger puppets were for another co-worker. (well, not for him, but for his daughters.) I was a little leery about making such well-known characters- they're so recognizeable that I was concerned about getting them just "right." After futzing around with them for a looong time, I think there's something a little "off" about Spongebob's face, but then again, I'm my own worst critic. And I love how his friend Patrick turned out!! More importantly, the little girls loved them!
In other news, Prescott has been quite a troublemaker, getting into everything down at his level. Warning-- the following may be Too Much Information, but if you have dogs, you'll understand... He had a couple weeks of "digestive issues" that started with vomiting every time he ate, and moved down his digestive system to become bouts of diarrhea. I was very concerned, took him to the vet, and got him a round of antibiotics. Turns out, what he had a tough time digesting was a pair of my socks! The picture above is an example-- we were just flabbergasted when he vomited up the sock on the left (shown next to an intact one to illustrate that it's NOT all there!), then over the course of the next week or so, the rest of the sock made its way thru his system. We thought we were in the clear when we started seeing signs of the SECOND sock! I still don't understand how he could do it; it would have been soooo dry, sort of like eating a biscotti cookie without any coffee to moisten it! Anyway, he's all over it now, and I don't leave my socks on the floor anymore- LOL!
These are a couple photos from a fleeting moment of doggie togetherness in the kitchen this afternoon. Bisbee still doesn't know quite what to think of him, especially when he wants to snuggle up with her, but she lets him do it.
It doesn't last long, though-- these quick snaps were it, then just a couple minutes later they were off again, tearing around the kitchen and living room. Now if only Prescott would put some weight on... apparently socks are a good weight loss method, although I'm not trying it anytime soon- LOL!