March 18, 2007

yes, we're still here!

It's Sunday afternoon... and it's hot! It's been highs in the 90s for the past week or so... yesterday it hit 98F in Phoenix! It's actually too hot for this time of year; it should be 10 - 15 degrees cooler. We haven't turned on the AC yet, though- we close up the house during the day, which keeps it pretty cool, and open the windows aat night to cool off- it gets down into the 50s-60s, which is pretty nice sleeping weather. I've got some plants on the patio, and have managed to keep them hydrated so far by watering them pretty much every day- a beautiful hot pink geranium, and some petunias and snapdragons in pots. I'll take some pics soon... the trick will be to keep them going thru the June and July 110+ temps! I kept the geranium over the winter by covering it up thru the worst cold- it may come inside during the hottest summer weather.

Tom's been around home most of the time- he did have a short trip to Texas (just a few days) a couple weeks ago, and a day trip to Santa Fe, NM last Friday... his projects are all gearing up, but nothing new's been added, so he's keeping up with all the details. The new installer (Bill) is working out pretty good so far, too, which takes some of the pressure off.

We ran some errands yesterday... went to a tobacco store we found in the north part of Phoenix, where Tom bought a pipe, tobacco, and all the accessories. (yes, a pipe!) He had smoked one before, but never really got into it as much as cigars. Last evening when it got cooler, he sat on the patio to try it out. After some mess-ups with keeping it lit he finally got it going, and decided it makes a nice change from the cigars. Boy, I missed that smell from growing up! We also stopped at the Animal Shelter to look at cats again... there were a couple really cute year-old cats who seemed like they might be able to hold their own with the dog, but we still need to think about it. I'm just not sure I want to invade Cleo's space with a new cat- it might be good for her, but it could be a disaster!

I've actually been taking advantage of the nice weather by doing some bike riding in our neighborhood. We never got our bikes out while we lived at the apartment, so the last time they were actually "ridden" was back in Illinois. I found a route that's about 5 miles around the countryside, through some of the new construction, past a couple sheep and goat pastures.One stretch of it is gravel road, and there are two angry, barking dogs that run down the road... a bit scary, but good incentive to keep going! My legs (and butt) were really sore the first day, but it's getting better.

Today was Nascar on TV, and right now Tom is out changing the oil in our cars, while I finish up the laundry. A bit later, I'll get dinner started- chicken and asparagus casserole, with baking powder biscuits. Then, it will be either watch a movie, or some Food Network on TV... and, to bed early for the work week to come. Nothing too exciting going on around here right now, but ordinary is good, too!