March 29, 2015

a few more layouts to share

It seems like I always have more ideas for SB pages in my head than I can ever get completed (that darn job, and having to make a living, lol!) but Calvinball has been the kick in the pants I've needed to actually make some of them and get them completed.

Home Improvement- my house in Round Lake, IL
These pics are from 2003, and I have had this layout idea
in my head for at least 5-10 years. 
 I have been carrying that paper-pieced dump truck around with me for at LEAST the past 8 years; I made it myself, from scratch, a loooong time ago. I'm pretty amazed I still knew where it was!

My Scrapping Essentials-- a visual representation of all the things I
need (or like to have, anyway) for scrapbooking.
 This page is another one that I started at least 5-7 years ago- I drew and cut out the pie chart by hand, and never got any farther than that. I finally finished it! My Scrapping Essentials include: snacks and soda (Diet Dr. Pepper, Raisinets, and Hot Tamales are my current faves); space to work in; stories and photos; paper (I looove patterned paper, and have more of it than I will ever use- it's just so pretty!); music or TV to listen to; inspiration; and embellishments. That's the fun stuff- glitter, brads, sequins, punches, enamel dots, etc.

The 'embellishment' section of the pie chart-- I kinda went overboard
when I decorated this piece, but I do like the entire page.

Quite often, I have photos that don't really 'fit' in with anything else to make an entire page or layout about... I decided to make a page that was just 'random' photos that I like for whatever reason. 

Close-up of the 'caption' section of the page- typed with my estate sale typewriter.
(See below for the entire page.)

Random Snaps, entire layout--
another one that I started ages ago.
I cut the glittery polaroid-style frames from a patterned paper and temporarily stuck them (empty) to a background paper when I first got the idea. The page stayed like that for about 2 years, till I finally decided I was going to make this page no matter what, so I added more papers, and chose photos for it. I do quite like it-- there's plenty more 'randomness' in my photo files, so I'll probably make a page like this occasionally from now on.

The photos on this page truly are random-- a rooster I saw when I was bird-watching at the Riparian Preserve (you can't get much more random than a rooster at a wildlife preserve, right??); a snail I saw right outside the front door where I work in Phoenix (snails living in the desert somehow still seem 'wrong' to me); us up in the hot air balloon; the restroom sign at the Honolulu airport (I loved that that they have the symbol wearing a dress and lei); and a 'shadow selfie' I took a few years ago at Mom and Dad's garden.

I've got more pages done that I'll post soon, but right now it's getting hot out here on the patio (it's supposed to be in the mid-upper 90s all week- yuck!), and there's scrapping to be done!

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