March 28, 2015

my workspace-- and a Calvinball progress report

one of the topics being discussed in the Calvinball forums, like with all scrapbooking, is "what does your workspace look like?" Here is my workspace in the middle of a page... I always say I think I conform to the laws of scrapbooking physics and the universe when I fill up all available space with stuff. Sort of like the saying 'Nature abhors a vacuum.'

(I abhor vacuuming, too, but that's a different topic, lol!)

in the middle of working on a page. This table is pretty big (it used
to be our kitchen table) but there seems to never be enough space on it.

my elfa shelves, directly to the left of the table.
 These elfa shelves (from the Container Store) have been in every craft room I've ever had. They've moved everywhere we've lived, and this is the fifth room they've lived in. I love them! You can rearrange the brackets to whatever shelf height you need, and there are different depths of shelves available. The very bottom shelf is the newest addition, when I realized I still had hanger space available. It's not a large space, but it's perfect for holding my post-it notes, paper trimmers, and a few smaller things that I was keeping right on my desk before.

Those four 12x12 Iris boxes hold: 1) small letter stickers, 2) my Thickers, 3) journaling tags and label stickers, and 4) shaped stickers and border stickers. This way they're easily accessible and I can rifle through them right when I want. I also have 12x12 Iris boxes for bling / rhinestones / wood veneers / chipboard shapes, and one that holds all my stencils/masks. I have tried other ways of organizing my supplies, and this way seems to work the best for me of all of them so far. Plus, since they're plastic boxes, they're portable when I go to a scrapbook store crop or my 3-day hotel crops.

my stack of completed Calvinball layouts so far
So far this month, I've made 15 scrapbook pages (counting both pages of a 2-page layout individually). That's not much compared to some people-- there are some very prolific scrapbookers out there-- but for the way I scrap, it's tremendous. It's been a lot of fun so far, and I can't wait to do it again! (maybe not soon, but counting points for doing certain things on a layout makes it more fun to use different supplies and techniques that I wouldn't otherwise think about. 

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