March 29, 2015

a quick weekend update

  • scrapping and sleeping in-- I stayed up late (2 am!!) on Friday night making scrapbook pages; I slept in on Saturday till 10 am. The Salsa Festival in town was on Saturday afternoon, but both of us having been up late, we decided to stay home this year. (Plus, the temperatures here have been horrible for this time of year-- 10-15 degrees above normal for highs. (The salsa wouldn't have been the only thing that would have been hot, for sure!)
  • working around the house-- Tom worked off and on pretty much the whole weekend. Things at his job have been crazy-busy ever since the beginning of the year, and he was trying to catch up a bit before the next week's craziness began. We both also did things around the house like laundry, watering some of the plants outside, doing some cleaning inside, etc.
  • doggy day of beauty-- the dogs have needed to go to the groomer's like, forever, and I finally called a few days ago for an appointment. Thankfully they're open on Sundays too, so they fit all three of them in this afternoon. Their appointment was for 1 pm, and they got done about 6:10 pm. We gave Sedona a bath a few times years ago, and while it is do-able, I wouldn't want to do it with three of them (!), and the groomers do such a better job at it than we ever could. They look like different dogs when the groomers get done with them!! (now if only it would last... lol!)

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Jen Mc said...

That sounds like a productive weekend.