May 02, 2012

SB- a look back via the WABAC (or Wayback) Machine

another trip down scrapbook memory lane  via the WABAC machine... remember that segment from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show? I used to love watching Mr. Peabody the dog and Sherman (his boy) travel back in time to experience important events in history. Well, this time, my WABAC machine was set to 10 years ago (wow, I can't really believe this much time has passed since then!!) and a scrapbook layout I made about some of my house renovations. (click on any photo to view it larger)
My first house was a bungalow-type cottage that was built in the 1920s; I was the third owner (?I think- second or third, anyway), so it hadn't been updated at all, which I liked-- the woodwork was all original (no paint), and the house retained that homey, vintage character that I was looking for. One thing it did have, unfortunately, was ancient berber-type carpeting in the living and dining rooms that had been laid over the original hardwood floors. I didn't know how exactly to go about removing it, but knew I wanted it gone, so my parents and my sister helped me out. They all came for a weekend of very hard, very dusty, dirty  work to remove the carpeting and refurbish the floor underneath. And, of course, I had to document it in my scrapbook! 
At the time, I was still doing "Creative Memories-style" scrapbooking which involved white page backgrounds, matting the photos, and very little, if any, patterned paper. I thought I was being so 'style-forward' when I chose to use the tags, jute, and the handmade paper behind the title block- lol!! I actually chose it because the texture and colors in the handmade paper reminded me of the (crappy, messy) backing underneath the carpet that we spent hours scraping off, by hand. And of course, my title letters were traced, one by one, from a stencil and then colored in with markers- waaaay before the era of self-adhesive cardstock sticker letters!! 
Although it does sort of make me laugh, now, from a scrapbooking style standpoint, I am so glad I have these pages, so I can look back at the improvements I made to my little house while I was there!! (and thanks again to Mom, Dad, and Judy-- I really couldn't have done it without you guys!)

I do like looking back at my scrapbook pages- after all, that's why I do it! (well, one of the reasons, anyway-- playing with the pretty paper and cool supplies is lots of fun, too!)

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scrapperjen said...

Nice! But you documented the project...that's what's important