April 29, 2012

more paper and ink-- and some other stuff

Friday after work, I got out the inks and stencils again. I didn't take any pictures of the process, which I should have-- I was sitting out on the grass, with my papers and inks scattered all around, holding the paper down when the wind blew... I'm sure it was quite comical to watch, although Tom didn't say so (thank goodness).
I got some pretty interesting patterns and colors to use for my scrapbooking and art journaling-- some were 'real' stencils purchased from the art store, but some patterns were made with more unusual things- one of the pieces in the upper left photo has a blue shape that reminds me of a chess or game piece, which was actually packaging from a plumbing fixture, I think (I saved it months ago, so I don't remember exactly where it came from). The upper right photo has a pattern on that's actually from 'sequin waste' which is leftover from when they manufacture sequins. And the lower right photo is my collection of inks-- I have 10 so far, but there's enough space in that container for a couple more, I think!! lol!
a random photo, taken in the side window of my car-- I'm trying to decide between finishing growing out my bangs, or getting them cut again, so they're out of my eyes. --so far, I haven't made a decision.
another journal page that uses some random different things; a magazine image (the greenhouse image), some painted papers, and photocopies of some of my journal pages, both in color and in black&white. (those pieces of paper covered up some writing underneath that I didn't really like the look of-- if you don't like it, cover it up!!) The bottom border is decorative tape (3 different kinds, layered on top of each other).
and, to finish it off, another random shot-- I had these old bath towels out for something (can't remember what) and put them here till I could carry them upstairs. Turns out, Butters thought they looked quite comfy! 

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