October 16, 2011

ArtFest: Vendor Night and Show & Tell

this post is kind of photo-heavy, but I wanted to show you some of the wonderful pieces of artwork made during ArtFest 2011. Along with a bit of craziness: this pic is the line of people waiting to get into Vendor Night... the instructors set up tables and sell pieces of their artwork, supplies, etc. And it was CRAZY!! (see for yourself, below)
For quite a while, it was practically impossible to even get close to a table, let alone see anything on that table. I didn't buy much; I got a necklace made from WA-state-beach pebbles, to remember my trip by, and some unmounted rubber stamps. And then I got the heck out of there, to catch my breath! The rest of the pics in this post are examples from Show & Tell; everyone could bring pieces made during the classes, to show off. This gives everyone a chance to see what was made in the other classes, and to see what the artists were teaching (to get ideas for picking future classes!)
a beautiful encaustic wax collage. (not sure who taught this class, unfortunately)
I think these pieces were from the class "OverSaturated Polaroid look by Lisa Bebi"... making photocopies look like color-saturated photographs.
a sewn "prayer flag" I think, one of Karen Michel's classes.
a fun journal. Jill Berry class.
this is a blury photo, but I love this piece-- a collage made on a vintage book cover. (I believe this class was taught by Tracie Lyn and Marilyn Huskamp)
this wonderful Santos is entirely handmade (and about 18 inches tall). (not sure who taught this one)
This fantastical creature really intrigued me: this class was all about making a 3-D sculpture on a wire armature, using sausage casing to make the "skin." The sausage casing was wrapped around the armature when it was wet, then would shrink onto the frame as it dried. (not sure who the instructor was for this one, either.)
wonderfully collaged mail-art postcards. (class by Orli Avineri, I believe)
polymer clay quilt, class by Laura Mika. and this is my Show & Tell scrapbook page: I printed small photos of some of the artwork, arranged them on the page, then collaged other bits and pieces around them till the page was filled in (except for one small space I now see, that I still need to fill in- lol!) This page actually took 2-3 hours to complete, but it was a lot of fun in a meditative sort of way.

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