October 16, 2011

a well-deserved relaxing weekend...

after a grueling couple weeks for both of us (Tom had tests, quizzes, and mid-terms the entire week, while I worked overtime for the past two weeks getting ready for an external audit at my work), we deserved a relaxing weekend to make up for it. We slept late on Saturday, then drove up to Cave Creek, AZ and had a leisurely lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the area, El Encanto. This restaurant has indoor/outdoor seating and is situated around a pond where you can interact with the resident ducks, birds, and turtles while you enjoy some great food and drinks.
the pond in the middle of the restaurant. (I borrowed this photo from their website: see more photos in their gallery by clicking here.) The food is wonderful, and the atmosphere is non-stop... they were busy when we got there; we waited over 20 minutes to get a seat, and after we were seated, the service was a bit slow (a bit out of the ordinary compared to the last time we ate there).
this photo is, of course, sweets with my sweetie-- haha!! :D Because of the wait, they gave us a complimentary dessert-- fried ice cream with strawberry sauce.
a few of the resident ducks, trolling for corn chips. (I happily obliged.)
This sad sight was in front of one of the stores-- a sign that we were not the only victims of the dreaded agave weevil. (It doesn't make me feel any better about our agave dying, but at least we weren't alone in our misery.)
ooh, this caught our eye right away when we saw it-- a saguaro skeleton floor lamp!! We don't really have a place for it in our house, but if we had the $1800 on the price tag, we would definitely find a place! (file this one away in the "someday, when we build our adobe Santa-Fe style house" style file, I guess.) The day was topped off with a fire in the fire pit, a cigar, and some stargazing... the best way to end a relaxing day!

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Ursula said...

looks like a fun restaurant. I'm pretty sure I've heard of it before.