October 17, 2011

it was sort of like a rock concert...

A couple Saturdays ago, I got up early and spent my morning at a warehouse in Chandler, AZ. This was one of those times I realize I'm lucky to live where I do, since I wouldn't have gotten this opportunity anywhere else--

I spent my Saturday morning at the Bazzill Warehouse Sale!! Now, only a fellow papercrafter would really be able to relate to this, but just substitute your most favorite "thing," whatever it is, for the paper, and you'll get what I mean... they hold it once a year, and sell overstock and discontinued merchandise right out of their warehouse at dirt-cheap prices. The biggest draw (for me, anyway) is the paper-- luscious, heavyweight, 12x12 textured cardstock in hundreds of shades (they didn't have all the colors for sale, but enough of them), but I managed to find a few more things while I was there- haha!

So, how was it like a rock concert, you ask??

--there was a long line: I waited over 1 1/2 hours to get into the building (which might sound crazy, but again, if you love paper like I do, you understand.)

--it was pretty crowded: there was some pushing and shoving, just like at a crowded concert (none of it intentional, though- we scrappers are a pretty polite bunch, for the most part)

--there was loud music: they had a stereo going, playing some bouncy, upbeat oldies tunes while we shopped.

--there was a celebrity: Mr. Bazzill-- aka Doug Jones, the company founder-- was in attendance. Actually, he was acting as the doorman: keeping track of how many people were inside the building at any one time, and letting us in a few at a time so as not to get any fire code violations. (this also helped to prevent any riots by the paper racks, I'm sure.)

now, on to a couple pics of my loot:
my pizza box full of cardstock: over 120 sheets of smooth, textured, and specialty cardstock. (over $65-70 value for $20) Isn't it beautiful?? I just want to shuffle through it... I took a couple pieces of patterned paper with me to color-match, so as not to pick pretty-but-not-useful-to-me colors (like bubble-gum pink, taxi-cab yellow, fluorescent purple, or anything like that...) This pic is something I've been wanting to try: Bazzill makes stitching templates, so you can stitch on your scrapbook layouts. I think these were $2 each, and each one has 4-6 different designs in. (I also got a few other things: some chipboard, a couple accordian albums, and a package of fancy-shaped cardstock...) now, just to find the time to put these new supplies to use!

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