October 08, 2011

ArtFest SB layout (and another recap!)

okay, so this recap is technically a bit of a re-run (so to speak). Remember this class? Lush Layered Canvas with Roxanne Padgett, where we painted, scribbled, stenciled, and stamped on fabric? See photo below of my table during class. (click here if you want to head to Roxanne's blog, to see what artsy things she's been up to.) (My previous post about it is here, if you want a refresher, and more fun photographs of lush layered colors and patterns. ) because after all, Roxanne's motto is "fear no color" and she does not!! her work is FULL of colors and layers that just draw you in and make you look at it again to see what else you can find in it. During the class, I took photos of some of my pieces while they were in progress... I blew this one up and changed it to B&W. I printed it on the copier, and ended up using it as background paper on the SB page I made about this class- how cool is that?!? (see my finished page below.)
FYI, the page background is white, so that's why it looks kinda funny-- the 12x12 white background didn't photograph all that well, but it really isn't a randomly-shaped page, I promise. I wanted to let the photographs be the focus, so I didn't want to use too many patterns and colors elsewhere on the page, but when I found the paper with my own pattern on, I couldn't resist. I added two different washes of blue acrylic paint over the B&W pattern, then ran upstairs to the SB Cottage bathroom so I could dry it with my hair dryer. (I was way too impatient to let them dry by themselves- haha!) I added the scalloped pattern by punching circles out of some collage pages I bought from Teesha Moore (while I was there), so this page is a "complete ArtFest" creation, with the help of an Alison Davis scrapbook sketch for the general page layout (I love these sketches-- I personally like having a "starting point" for a SB page layout). I'm on a roll, so come back soon for another ArtFest recap!

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