October 06, 2011

street art SB page(s)

I knew when I took the graffiti photos a few weeks ago that I wanted to scrapbook them, and very quickly, I found the exactly perfect paper for it- yay! love when that happens!! (the skyline paper below). I knew that somehow I wanted to get the urban, paint-y feel to my pages, too. And I also knew I had a lot of pictures I wanted to use but didn't want to crop them at all, so wasn't sure how to do it. Enter the 2 peas in a bucket website, and their monthly class (with Shimelle Laine!), 4x6 photo love. This layout is the result- sort of a "page-and-a-half" layout, with a sneaky trick to it: it looks like just one page, doesn't it?? But look closer-- it's not!
It's really a 2-page layout (almost), as seen above. (the page protectors are supposed to be sewn together on the edge, too- I just haven't gotten my sewing machine out yet.) The link to the class is here: August 4x6 photo love: how to get (8) 4x6 pages onto a layout. (besides being useful, the classes are fun to watch; there's always a couple layouts along with a video for every month, which I love-- it's always fun to see someone else's process for making a scrapbooking layout.)
Close-up of the skyline with title. I cut the skyline out of the patterned paper and applied it to my base paper. After trying the title stickers out, I decided it was too dark for the red stickers on by themselves, so I lightened it up with a bit of gesso as a "background" for title.
I also tried out my spray inks on these pages, to give them sort of a "messy, gritty" kind of look. Not sure how successful I was at it; I think I may have overdone it a little, but it looks okay. (I really need to remember to stop right before I add that last thing, to let the layout percolate a little before I keep going with it.)
I do love the papers I chose for this layout; gray cardstock, and patterned paper from the Basic Grey Wander line; usually I think their patterns are somewhat overwhelming, but I think it totally works here. The staples work, too... and the fact that I had problems with the stapler just adds to the "urban" feel, right? lol!) I quite like the way this came out; the fact that the "title" area" is above all the photos and tricks the eye is a lot of fun... even though I did ruin a couple page protectors (okay, three, actually) trying to trim them down to the right height, I think I'll definitely use this layout idea again.
I do have quite a few more graffiti photos I want to scrap, so you'll be seeing more of them soon. (not sure about the spray ink, though- that might take some practicing before I break it out again!)

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Amy said...

Your sneaky layout is wonderful! I love taking pics of street art...especially on vacation! We found some great street art in Dublin! I need to scrap it! Thanks for the inspiration!