May 04, 2011

(somewhat) random photos

yes, I know this one is difficult to look at, but that's what I've been working on tonight-- cropping, editing, and printing pictures. Because, this Saturday (May 7th) is National Scrapbooking Day!! What does that have to do with the price of beans, you might ask? Well, it's because I won a drawing to attend a free all-day (10 am to 10 pm) crop at a brand new scrapbooking retreat in a renovated bungalow in downtown Phoenix (Phoenix Scrapbook Cottage)-- it looks really cute, from their website, by the way. Anyway, I need some photos to work on! (yes, you can laugh here, if you want: I have made a few pages here and there, like these pages from our trip to San Xavier Mission, but since using the digital camera regularly, I get them from the printer to the computer, and mostly they just stay there. ) I am looking forward to this event, though-- the place looks really nice, and it should be a lot of fun-- if I can just get the photos printed, that is!! (and, sad to say now that I looked up that post, those pages were made at the end of 2009-- what is really pathetic about that is I thought that I made those pages recently!! Time flies, I guess...)

by the way, the pics above are from ArtFest-- the dog on the left was a model in Carla Sonheim's class "The Art of Silliness" (I think he's cute!!) and the pic on the right was of our dinner guests, who made an appearance outside the dining hall every night. They seemed really tame; they didn't care about us snapping away with our cameras, at all!

this was a fun journal page I made in the last week or two-- the page itself is a brown paper lunch bag, and the figures came from some "child life insurance policy" junk mail we received. I snagged the envelope quick, before it hit the recycle bin. (see?!? anything can be art fodder!!)

I think I stamped the bag with some handmade stamps (one of my favorites, wine cork!!) and then went to town with the gel pens and some glitter, too, for good measure!

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