May 02, 2011

even more journal pages!

a few more journal pages, both finished and not:

Yes, I can do a simple page! This one is done.

Another page full of random images that just seemed to "go together" somehow, even though they're really not related at all.

This page was scraped paint leftover from some other painting project; I attached a glassine envelope with decorative tape, and used it to store some of my ArtFest trades. The flag bunting strung across the top is also an ArtFest trade; I need to make some of those-- they are seriously cute!
This page isn't anything special in terms of its design or the elements I used. What did turn out kind of cool, though, is the texture I got when I painted the background. I painted the page with gesso and paint, then scraped across it with a piece of corugated cardboard, which gave it kind of a combed look. (totally by accident, but those are the kind of accidents I like!)

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