April 30, 2011

more journal pages--

well, one journal page, anyway... I wanted to show you this one because it was such fun to do! It's another one where the image sort of "goes with" the idea I had... I swear, it doesn't really happen that often, even though it might seem so right now! This page is layered, with the background underneath a Hambly screenprinted transparency. I don't use transparencies very often, although I do like them; partly, it's because I never think about how to attach them. This one was attached at the top with staples. The pic below shows the underneath layer. I found the clock in a Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine (I think), and the eye was from another Teesha Moore collage sheet. And yes, I know the word "Time" is backwards; I printed them backwards to do an image transfer with, but deciced they'd work on this page the way they were. (and for the record, the clock is not the original image that was on this page-- I think it was a pair of scissors, or something, but I never really liked it, so I covered it up: again, it's my book, and I can do whatever I want!) Oh, yeah; in case your're wondering, there's a photocopied vintage tag tied to the transparency with ribbon.
The pic below is a close-up of the doodling on the transparency, done with a uniball Signo Mitsubishi white pen. During the ArtFest class I took from her, Lisa Engelbrecht sold some of her favorite pens, and this is one of them; I definitely agree! I'm always on "the quest" for the best white pen and the best black pen for journal page; I have tons of them that don't really measure up. (I always think of the Indiana Jones movie scene where Indy is picking which one is the real Holy Grail; a deep voice with an English accent plays in my head, saying "choose wisely," but I never seem to get it exactly right. This one, though, might be it, or at least close to it!) I have other Signo uniball pens that don't work nearly as well; this one has Japanese writing on, and the Mitsubishi seems to be different than the other ones. Unfortunately, the ink seems to run out pretty quick; then again, all this doodling might have something to do with it-- you think?? lol!
I do love my obsessive-compulsive doodled designs; I don't do it nearly often enough.

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