July 02, 2009

scrapbooking inspiration links

okay, so I haven't scrapped a picture in years, but I've started to be inspired to actually print some of our digital photos, and do something with them besides leave them in cyberspace... part of it is two new books I got for my birthday (thanks, Mom!) involving altered imagery:

The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery- contains interesting ways to transform photos (bleach, sandpaper, and more); and the other title:

Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery- more ideas for transforming photos, both traditional (hand tinting) and not-so-traditional (like stamping, gesso, spackle paste, and more)

also good for inspiration are the following:

Jenni Bowlin's photo gallery page- cute, cute stuff, using vintage finds and doo-dads

Ali Edwards' blog- simpler, classic layouts, with an emphasis on the photos

and then there's Carol Wingert's scrapbook style- a bit more "shabby chic" and random

...and of course, there's the art journaling thing, like Crazyquilter on Flickr, Kelly Kilmer, Mary Ann Moss, and Jeanne Frizzell-- paint, stamps, collaging, markers, and whatever else you can find to stick (or stitch, or staple) to a page.

so... I'd like to see if I can meld the more "art-y,""journal-y" style of artwork with the more "traditional" scrapbooking I used to do, and come up with a hybrid that satisfies my new urge for "artsy" but still shows off the photos. For a start, we're going to drive cross-country to Illinois and Wisconsin at the end of the month to visit family; we spent Christmas sight-seeing in Arizona; last spring we went to Seattle: plenty of pictures for all this inspiration, if I just get them printed!!

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Mare said...

Sounds like you have lots of interesting new ideas swirling thru your head! That is so much fun...Have a great trip across country!