July 03, 2009


it's raining!!

...with thunder, and lightning, and dark skies, and everything!! (and a thunderstorm warning, and a flood warning, but who cares about that??)

I know some of you have had plenty of rain this spring and summer where you're at, but here in the desert, rainstorms are few and far between, and when they come, they're an occasion. We only get an average of 8 inches a year here, and the monsoon season in summer is when we can expect to get most of it. Last year's monsoon was more like a "non-soon" with no memorable storms, so this is exciting!!

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a painter said...

Glad you had some rain! We have had weeks of it here. (I love rain but many people don't.) I love the Southwest, though. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a happy 4th!