June 24, 2009

our latest backyard visitor- or, Sedona thinks she is a bird dog.

Sedona doesn't know anything about sheep, but she does seem to be a bird dog! She always tries to get the hummingbirds when they come to the feeder, and this particular day, she really had it in for this visitor to the backyard... I don't get it; the birds don't do anything to her, but they really bother her! (maybe she's trying to herd them??)
This guy posed quite nicely for me, even with all of Sedona's barking and jumping around; he even waited while I went back into the house to get the camera. I think it is a Eurasian dove, which is quite a bit larger than a Mourning Dove. I haven't seen him since; I guess Sedona wasn't a very nice hostess!


Mare said...

Yep! He is a Ringneck dove, wild variety, and he is a beauty. Looks like a male to me with his nice dark ring around his neck. I used to raise domesticated ringneck doves and the wild type(color)were my favorites. I love the way they coo....Great pictures!

crimsoncat05 said...

thanks, Mare! he is quite beautiful; a bit fancier than the usual mourning doves... I hope I see him again sometime!