March 10, 2013

retro scrapbooking!

to be truthful, this post is mostly because I haven't edited or printed any of my more recent photos lately. So, no pages with recent photos have been scrapbooked! Even the last SB page that I made was photos from over 10 years ago, taken and printed from my film camera. I seem to have difficulty getting my digital photos from the computer onto photo paper so they can be scrapped, lol! Plus, I do think it's kind of interesting to see how my style of scrapbooking has evolved through the years. Anyway, for your enjoyment, here's a couple 'retro' scrapbook pages from my early days of scrapbooking:

I really like the photos on this page- my house back in Illinois had some beautiful plants in the yard. Unfortunately, I don't exactly like what I did with them on this page... at least I didn't cut the photos themselves with the fancy scissors! It looks like I had an aversion to journaling, too- I apparently didn't know what to write about these photos after I made the page, so I thought it was better to write nothing at all. (I think I have a lot of SB pages like that- what's with that, anyway?!? I guess I thought it had to be award-quality novel writing, or something, I don't know!) 

I spent quite a bit of time 'fussy-cutting' this bouquet of apple blossoms out of its photograph... I should see if I still have the negatives for these photos, and get them reprinted sometime. I'm sure they're there, somewhere in my photo boxes. (yeah, right- like that will happen, lol! I have quite a few newer photos to do something with, first.) So, since it probably won't happen, I'm glad to have them safely in my photo album, even if the page is lacking a few elements. (like journaling! at least I can fix that one!)

This page just makes me sort of sad, to see what I did to these photographs. The page is photos of some of the first plants in the flower bed at my house-- the flower bed was about 45 feet long by about 5 feet wide, so the first plants looked kinda sad, in all that space, till they grew and filled in the space. And, this page looks kinda sad, too, with the weird shaped photographs and all that empty space. (I didn't do it on purpose, though.)

I apparently thought photographs of flowers needed 'flower' patterned paper, and I wanted to match up the edges of the photographs to make them like a continuous larger picture. So I cut out the extra stuff in the corners to make them really odd shapes? (what the heck was I thinking?!?) I soooo wish I hadn't done that! And, I guess, since the only flowers you can really see are yellow, I decided bright yellow was the perfect choice to accent the photos? (not!) I'm not even sure I could do ANYthing to make this page look any better, so I'll probably just leave it alone, and try to do justice to my flower garden by making better SB pages with some of the other photos I do have printed.   

(although I'm tempted to start re-working that top page with some washi tape and label stickers... I should probably leave well-enough alone, though, and just be content with adding some journaling to it.)


Kelly Kilmer said...

You could make copies of the pages and try to rework the copies?
Funny when we look back on some of our pages and wonder what we were thinking.

scrapperjen said...

Pretty pictures! I have some early pages that look pretty similar to this. I miss my lilac tree!
Have a great week!