March 13, 2013

SB page: in a different light

a close-up shot of my latest SB page, which
includes lots of layers, textures, and distressing. 

a closer shot of an embellishment cluster which
includes a tag, word sticker, punched butterfly,
and a mother of pearl button from my button box.
the lower corner of the layout- I made the ink splatters
using walnut ink and a dropper. (made very carefully;
I didn't want to dye myself along with the layout!)

The entire page showing the details of walnut ink,
distressed paper, and some crocheted trim,
which I dyed to match using my spray inks.
The photo on this layout is another random 'leftover' photo that I found in my scrap room... I used to collect milk glass vases, and I took this picture of my kitchen window back when I lived in Illinois. Milk glass can be rather plain looking, but when the light hits it just right you can see all the intricate facets of the cut-work designs; the journaling on this layout talks about taking the time to notice those details in life. 

Since there isn't much 'color' in the photo to speak of, I wasn't quite sure what color scheme to go with on the layout. I had a big pile of different papers on my desk, and shuffled them around for about a week before I settled on this scheme. I quite like the colors I came up with, and it's mostly because they have some 'hidden' significance to me: the white-washed woodgrain reminds me of the aged (and sometimes peeling, lol!) paint that was in some places in my house (it was built in the 1920s, after all!), and the greenish-blue paper I used in the photo mat is very close to the color we painted the kitchen walls. (It was Martha Stewart paint in jadeite green-- I love that color!) I tried not to go too crazy with the distressing on this layout, but once I did the photo mat papers, the vellum looked 'too' perfect so it got the distressing treatment too: I crumpled it up and inked the creases with Tim Holtz Tea Dye ink. 

And now, I will be moving on to scrap some more recent photos for a while! Yes, I finally got my photo printer out of its storage drawer, and have started printing new photos to scrap. Not that there's a shortage of old ones, but I feel like scrapping something before I forget why I took the pictures!
(Plus, it's kinda fun to watch the cat stare at the printer while it's printing, like it's going to attack her! lol!!)

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Alison said...

Great layout..I really like the colour palette you've used!
Alison xx