February 10, 2013

you don't know what you have until you clean your room...

 ...and when you do clean, you find all sorts of interesting things!! I'm finally pretty much finished with cleaning and organizing my craft room (as much as I'm going to do for now, at least...) and I have four boxes of stuff sorted out that are going to go to the local scrapbook store's garage sale in April. One box of magazines and assorted art / scrapbooking books, and three boxes of paper, stamps, inks, and other 'stuff.' For now, they're all living underneath my table, (mostly) out of the way.

the garage sale stuff includes things like alcohol inks (I never did figure
out how they work), storage organizers I no longer use, stuff like that.

rubber stamps I don't use any longer, deco tape in colors I don't
like, patterned paper and cardstock I know I won't use, etc.

my workspace, with enough space on to actually work!
I've been working on finishing up the layout seen on my desk above- a stop at Hoover Dam from Labor Day weekend, 2009.  It's nice to have usable workspace again! (although I do have to work at keeping it usable; I have a tendency to get a ton of stuff out when I work...)

the other table, now with sewing machine!
The other table is now cleaned off (enough) to work on, too! (the scrapbook store garage sale stuff is underneath this table...) I finally got this table cleared off enough so I can have the sewing machine out all the time. I've seen lots of scrapbook pages and cards with sewing on, and this way, I'll be able to use the sewing machine without having to haul it out of its previous storage cabinet...this way I'll be more apt to use it than I otherwise would have been.

and now, for the 'you don't know what you have until you clean' part of the post:

my old-school pencil sharpener, now found, and finally
up on the wall so I can admire (and use) it!
 I've had this pencil sharpener for years-- it came from my Grandma's house, I believe, and I've had it up wherever I've lived.  I had it up in my craft room in our previous house, but I never had it up in this room- mostly because I only just found it a couple weeks ago! (I had it stored in a super-secure location, so I wouldn't lose it, I guess.) I do have a small pencil sharpener I carry in my scrapbook tool box, but there's just something nostalgic about cranking the handle on an old-fashioned manual pencil sharpener.

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