February 17, 2013

my last scrapbook layout make-over

Like I said before, I don't want to make a habit of 're-doing' scrapbook layouts that I've previously done... styles change, trends come and go, and techniques may fall out of favor over time, but that's part of the way any hobby or someone's personal style changes and evolves over time. But... I recently came upon this layout when I was organizing and cleaning my room, and I decided I just had to re-do this one:

I don't even have the album it came out of... it's long gone, and I don't think I ever even made any other layouts on these kraft-colored papers. Plus, they're strap-hinge pages, and I don't even use that type of book any more. And, c'mon, look at it! I mean, really!! I wrote the title in using marker! (and badly, at that!! lol!!) So, I used my trusty bottle of Un-Do, removed the photographs, and re-made the layout using using more current scrapbooking papers, tools, and techniques. Check it out below:

I think the colors and papers I chose highlighted the photos and the subject matter much better than the kraft-colored cardstock the layout was on previously did, don't you?? Plus, really, there wasn't much of a design to that layout, at all-- just a couple of sad little flower stickers on some 'blah' colored cardstock. (It was kind of embarrassing to look at that layout, actually- especially the badly done lettering. I felt no remorse whatsoever as I took it apart!)

I used a good mix of old and new supplies here... the letter stickers are new (last week), and the floral paper is at least 12 years old... nice, huh?? See what happens when you organize your space?? (that's a pep talk for me, actually-- to remind myself that when things are organized, I can actually find my stuff to use it!) The tiny little pennant punch is only about a month old, and the vellum I used for punching the pennants and butterflies was at least 10 years old. Let me tell you, it feels good to actually use my supplies to make scrapbook pages!!

I used all the photos but one... I decided the leaf photo, while it was a good representation of the quilt show, didn't match the rest of the photos-- it was a totally different color than the rest of the pictures, and the only one that wasn't rectangular or square. So, out it went... and again, I didn't feel bad about it at all. (like I've said before, the fact that I take sooo many digital photos now means I'm better about actually choosing only the ones that I like the best, or capture and event / moment the best. Photos aren't nearly as 'precious' as I used to make them out to be when a roll of film was only 24 photos, and cost $$ to print the bad ones along with the good.) 

I added a couple repeating motifs across the pages to 'draw' your eye across the page, including the green scallop, the different pinks, and the butterflies. These blue butterflies looked a bit plain by themselves, so I actually stitched them to the page with cream-colored crafting floss for a bit of added detailing to catch your eye.

I used a scrapbook layout sketch from Scrapbook Generations sketch book #8, which showed a line of embellishments flowing across both the pages. (in the book, it was stars, but I changed it to this string of pennants and butterflies using tan and white baker's twine.) I don't know why I have to have ideas that cause me such inordinate amounts of 'fiddling' and messing around with things- this layout took me at least a week to do (off and on) from start to finish, and the string of pennants took at least 2 hours all by itself, to get all the pieces situated and adhered the way I wanted. But, I do think it was worth it! I added a bit of beige gingham ribbon, and a line of hand-stitching as well, to reinforce the 'sewing' theme of the photos.

 This meandering line of butterflies and pennants turned out quite nice, in the end. The above photo shows more details-- the scalloped border is printed paper, but looks like sewing, as well- more sewing to reinforce the theme, without any more work. although now that I think about it, I could actually sew over those cross-stitches, maybe... hmmm...?? No, I'm not going to do it! I need to decide that when I think a layout is done, I should quit, and leave it alone. 

One more time, here's the 'before layout' above, and the 'after' layout below-- it's so much better now, I can't even begin to describe how much happier it makes me to see it like this!

Now I think I'm really done with re-doing already scrapped layouts, and doing scrapbooking makeovers... it's time to move on to actually scrapping some new photos for a change! (or some 'old' photos, whichever it happens to be- I have plenty that fall into both of those categories!)

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Alison said...

Great make-over....love the banners!
Alison xx