February 19, 2012

ooooh!! cue the Twilight Zone theme music...

okay, maybe it's not worthy of Twilight Zone music, but still, it was cool. Saturday night Tom and I were enjoying a fire in our backyard firepit... the usual, cigar, conversation, stargazing and watching for satellites (we saw three!). But then, we saw these:

(click on the picture to make it larger; then, you might see the dots of light the arrows are pointing at)

 what the heck?!? my camera is just a little point-and-shoot, so please excuse the majorly poor photo quality. Both lights were reddish orange, and moved extremely slowly across the sky. No blinking, so we knew they weren't planes. 

 they did waver and fade a bit as they moved, which may indicate that they were turning-- 
as we watched them, the lower one seemed to overtake the higher one and get in front of it before they both faded from view.

I doubt they were alien spacecraft-- or if they were, they apparently didn't want anything to do with us! It was probably just some sort of 'space debris' coming into our atmosphere. It was still cool to see, whatever it was! (although I did an internet search today, and no one seems to have mentioned it. So perhaps the aliens paid them off to keep it quiet?? LOL!!)

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Nat Nasci said...

We live in Vancouver, Canada. We also saw the same thing except it was only one light over two nights.
I have photo's that look remarkably like yours.
Would you like to see them?
What was different is that on the second night the light streaked across the sky towards our high-rise. I grabbed my camera and it took a photo. It was a very grey sky, but there was this sort of triangular shape greyish object hovering silently.
I know it sounds crazy and we doubted our sanity before it slipped away...a silent gliding motion.
If it weren't for the photo's I'd would have thought it was our eyes playing tricks.