February 12, 2012

22nd Annual World Championship Hoop Dance Competition (post 1)

I took over 200 photos on Saturday (it would have been more, but I forgot to charge my camera battery!), so I have lots more than one post's worth of photos from the Hoop Dance competition and the Heard Museum. 
I'd say we saw about half the day's line-up of dancers, and we also saw two of the touring exhibits inside the museum- 'Native American Bolo Ties' and 'More than Child's Play: Native American Dolls.' (I just wish I had remembered to charge my camera!!)

(fyi, you can click on any of the photos to make them larger, to see more of the details.)

 a pile of colorful hoops waits their turn in the competition ring.
 some of the youngest entrants enjoying the Grand Entry parade.

 all the dancers take part in the opening dance.

 color and pattern everywhere.

 a member of the next generation of dancers 
listens to the Opening Prayer with his parents.

 this dancer is getting a little help from her Dad 
during the 'tiny tots' round of dancers.

This young competitor is getting ready to kick the hoop 
up with his foot so he can pick it up. 

He's quite skilled with the hoops, already! 

He was quite a showman, and definitely got the crowd involved in his performance. (one of the judges is off the the left with his arms crossed, watching the performance with eagle eyes.) 
This is such a unique sport: artistic and athletic, colorful, 
and full of cultural traditions and symbolism.  

I hope you're enjoying the photos so far; I'll be back with more!

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Vicki Schroeder said...

Thanks for posting! I didn't get to go so nice to see some pics!