September 28, 2011

scrap! or what I did with all that stuff... part 1

so, on Friday night when I got to the Scrapbook Cottage, I was kinda frazzled, what with work, packing, driving, and unpacking... So I didn't feel up to designing any scrapbook pages-- a little too much pressure for me right off the bat, I guess. So I'm really glad I took my art journaling supplies with me! Cutting, pasting, and doodling randomly is a great way to ease into a creative mindset, but with no pressure... (plus, my art journal had been feeling kind of neglected since I got back into scrapbooking!) Below are a few of the pages I worked on; some are finished, and a couple aren't. my current journal is a vintage gardening book, and I've kept some of the pages from the book-- this page is one of the chapter dividers. Details doodled on with gel and souffle pens, plus a bit of fun pink pom-pom trim.
the flip side of the page above. The motorcycle policeman came out of a vintage 1950s National Geographic magazine, I think.
an unfinished journal page-- gray cardstock, Asian newspaper, rubons and scrapbook paper, and a snippet from a vintage atlas page. I really like this vintage gardening book for journaling, because of the 3-ring binder mechanism. I can take pages out of the book to work on them, and rearrange pages as I want. (I've already found my next journal; it's a vintage 3-ring binder reservation book from a restaurant; I found it at one of the local thrift stores.)
another partly-finished journal page-- the card on the page is the valentine my sister sent me this year, which featured a vintage valentine card. It's so cute, I had to keep it!
I stayed up till about 1:30 am, then read a bit before finally getting to sleep about 2 am (!!! seriously, I can't remember the last time I stayed up that late!) Saturday I slept in (no dogs or cats to feed- it was a nice break from my regular schedule, I have to say...) till about 9 am, then put away my art journal and got out the scrapbook paper and photographs... (the photo above was a reference so I could remember the photo arrangement for the page I was working on... I don't think I ended up using this arrangement after all, but the digital camera is a nice tool for doing this.)

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