September 29, 2011

more of the blur...

I know that none of these pictures are examples of great photography, but I get such a kick out of watching Bisbee and Prescott play in the backyard thatI keep trying to capture it on film. Even with the composition and focus problems (or maybe because of them), hopefully I've at least captured the "essence" of their joy and exuberance-- what do you think?

(they remind me of a shampoo commercial, with their hair blowing in the breeze!)
^^^ I really like this one!!
Below is Krista, being her usual smiley self!
It was sunnier out Wednesday afternoon, so the photos below were shot with the sunlight as a backdrop-- most of them didn't turn out very good at all, but I got a few that I think worked; it's sort of a neat effect.
Their playing only goes in spurts, though-- they flop down on the ground exhausted pretty quickly... I'm exhausted myself sometimes, just watching them!! (it's still fun, though.)

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