August 27, 2011

street art- a day out

I braved the heat today and went into downtown Phoenix with my camera. (and a large bottle of water)
This is a few pics of what I found, all of it within an area of just a few square blocks in the Roosevelt Row arts district.
Some is political, some is "tagging" (the artist's name, initials, etc), and some is pure art. (because I was in the arts district, I'm pretty a good bit of it is sanctioned by the property owners.)
Mary? modeled after a Da Vinci? not sure. found in an alley- I love the details on her!
"Police Navidad" spray paint on the sidewalk this building reminds me of stained glass.
"Bird is the Werd"
building along Roosevelt.
"Build Up Not Out" (on a large dumpster)
I love how the plates on its back are skyscrapers! (and the tiny saguaro cacti at the bottom)
...more to come!


Barbara Hagerty said...

WOW! Jenifer, it was 121 in the shade of our back patio yesterday. What was it in the sun downtown? You are much braver than I!

LOVE the pics of the street art! Especially the first!

Stay cool and well hydrated!

hilde janbroers said...

great photos!!