September 05, 2011

labor day weekend (so far) in pictures

hanging out at the Honda dealership, getting new tires put on my car.
(it was sort of an emergency- this was not how I was planning on spending Saturday afternoon!)
Sunday afternoon: Labor Day barbecue with our dear friends Mike and Billie Nejedly.
Roasting vegetables on the grill- yum! Tom cooling off by hanging out in the pool . (approx 88 degrees: bathwater!)
barbecued ribs, corn, and roasted potatoes-- tasty!!
our gracious hosts-- hanging out by the pool, talking, at the end of the evening.
quick trip to the grocery store on Monday afternoon
(check out the letter "O" in the word Patio)
closeup of the O: they're almost out of room!!
roasting chile peppers: this is one of the best smells in the world!
waiting to be peeled, then added to grilled chicken-- a great way to finish off the weekend.
Hope you're all having an enjoyable long weekend!

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