August 26, 2011

scrap! a bit circular...

...this post, that is: a blog post about a scrapbook layout that's about scrapbooking-- you follow? No?? I don't blame you; it took me quite a while to come up with that line. :D so, this is one of my recent scrapbook layouts-- it's a 2-page layout that I made using one of the new Scrapbook Generation sketch books I purchased a couple months ago. It's the first one I made following one of those sketches, actually. It took me a little while to understand the flow ofusing a sketch: 1) choose coordinating papers; 2) cut all the paper following the dimensions provided; 3) assemble the page; 4) add embellishments, title, journaling. I found out a couple things about myself during this process: a) choosing matching papers is difficult- I think it took me at least 45 minutes! 2) I buy paper in a vacuum! I buy it just 'cause I like it, not because it will go with any other papers I might already have... that's one of the reasons it took me so long to choose the matching papers. 3) Turns out that I am still as math-challenged as ever- oh, I can do straightforward math (with a calculator, that is); I just have a difficult time following measurements and dimensions sometimes (meaning these papers are not the original pieces I chose-- those got cut incorrectly, so they're waiting for some other project).
This layout is actually about National Scrapbooking Day 2011, so it is technically a "scrapbook layout about scrapbooking." This might seem kind of odd to anyone besides a scrapbooker, but it makes perfect sense to me- lol!! I won a 12-hour crop at the newly-opened Phoenix Scrapbook Cottage. (it's a beautifully-renovated bungalow that hosts day crops as well as weekend retreats, so of course, I had to document the day! I also previously blogged about it here. (and I'm going to go back, for an entire weekend sometime next month-- I can't wait!!)
This layout consists mainly of photos of my workspace, and photos of the layouts I worked on while I was there. The journaling talks about what's in the pics, along with how this event got me back into scrapping after over a year off. To quote Martha, "that's a good thing!!"
Even though this layout took such a long time to do and I ran into a few bumps along the way, after all that, I quite like how it turned out! (Now, should I make a scrapbook page about this blog post, to continue falling down the rabbit hole?? lol!! just kidding!)
(somewhat related: tomorrow is an open house at the Scrapbook Cottage, if you're located in the Valley and want to check it out! Go to their facebook page HERE to get the details.)

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