July 12, 2011

stamp de-construction project continued:

so this is what I started with-- 12 wood-mounted stamps that cost $1 each (80 cents each after my coupon), and a foot-long set of Hampton Arts stamps (containing 7 words / phrases and 4 shapes), that cost $3 ($2.40 after my discount!): I un-mounted them from the wood blocks, got out the scissors, started cutting, and after about an hour, I ended up with this:
all together, I ended up with 12 large phrases / words, a circle, and about 40 small words that I can use however I want.
the photo above is the stamps in the foot long Hampton Arts set of acrylic stamps-- after my success with "taking apart" the rubber stamps, I decided to do the same thing to a few of these, too! I cut "life unscripted" out of the rectangular frame, and cut "just us" out of the tiny scalloped frame. That way, I can do things like this:
(of course, I wouldn't do this exact thing, but this shows how I can use the empty frames with other stamps.) My total for this project is something on the order of 50 word / phrase stamps, along with 3 empty frames. Not too bad, for a couple hours work! Now, I just need to use them on my scrapbook pages! ...so, I'm off to the craft studio-- I'll be back (hopefully soon) with a scrapbook layout!

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Julie Kirk said...

Hi - thanks for your comment on my Mirror of Erised layout. I've left a reply over there too, but just in case you didn't spot it - the paper you wanted to know about is: Making Memories - Vintage Findings - Orange Foil Ledger Findings.

It's a lovely one isn't it? I found in on sale somewhere- I don't think I'd seen the full range before - I hope you amnage to find some. :-)