July 11, 2011

Sheltie math: 1 + 1 = 2... sometimes three- or maybe more?

Yesterday afternoon we went for a drive to north Phoenix to visit Helene and Wally at Roseglen (Helene is the breeder we purchased both dogs from). Bisee and Prescott do pretty good in the car, although unlike some dogs, they're never overly thrilled about taking a car ride-- thankfully neither of them gets carsick, though!

It's kind of funny: Prescott always seems like such a "tough guy" at home, and I don't think he moved from that spot the entire time in the car! Bisbee is much more comfortable in the car, and was quite interested in the scenery for most of the trip. She only laid down a couple times, which is when I managed to snap this picture of both of them.

Wally and Helene were quite happy to see the dogs (she always likes to see how her dogs turn out), and we were glad to show them off. Bisbee made herself right at home once we go there; here she is sitting in Wally's lap, getting some skritches!! (traitor! she never hops into my lap like that!! ...just kidding about the traitor thing, but really, she never does hop right into my lap.)
This pic is Prescott (in the background) and one of Helene's dogs, Krista... Helene got a couple doggie treats, and that always gets Prescott's attention! In addition to showing off the dogs, we also wanted to introduce them to Krista-- Helene has her up for adoption, and we wanted to see how the dogs would get along together. Krista is four years old; Helene had her for breeding, but never got a litter of pups from her, so she's looking to find her a good home. We know having two dogs is fun, and figure three won't be much more work than two, so the thing to do was to find out how they would get along... she seems pretty mellow and easy-going, so should fit in pretty well.
Here she is with Tom-- he was holding her so I could get a decent picture (and this still isn't all that good-- she didn't stand still very long). And do you see Bisbee in the background, making herself right at home on their couch?? lol!! Bisbee and Prescott are both an inch or so "over-sized" so they can't be shown (Sheltie show standard is 13 - 16 inches tall), so it was a bit of an eye-opener to see a standard-size Sheltie-- she looks so much smaller than they do; it's amazing how much of a difference that inch makes! She's never seen stairs, or a cat, so there will be some training involved, but we know that two dogs is twice as fun as one, so three dogs should multiply the fun to six times as much, right?! (along with the hair, I'm sure... lol!!) We just need to decide for certain, then make arrangements to bring her home (which probably won't be for a month or so). We were joking with Helene that she should institute a "frequent buyer card: buy 4 Shelties and get the 5th one free!" (although I don't think we'll go that crazy... lol!!)
This picture is just for gratuitious cuteness: three of Helene's newest litter of puppies, from Bisbee's sister Kachina. (This is the second litter of puppies Helene's had this summer; she's been extra-busy this year so far!) They are sooo super-fluffy and cute at this age-- and nothing compares to that puppy breath! Puppies are tempting, to be sure, but stair training sounds like a piece of cake, compared to going through teething and potty-training again... :D

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