June 13, 2010

the rest of the story (in pictures)

the pic below is why it was hard to spell last night...
this is our newest cactus-- Murray brought it over yesterday when he came to finish up the framing... he showed Tom a pic of it, asked if we wanted it, and Tom said, "heck, yeah!" I think Murray may have said what kind it is, but I don't remember... he DID say it came off a plant in his yard that was over 7 feet tall, and a really nicely grouped specimen.
I love the look of it, with the wavy pleats... Murray also said his gets very large, white, night-flowering blooms that are very attractive to moths, bees, and hummingbirds. Now, we just have to wait for it to settle in and grow!


Judy said...

Hi Crimson Cat!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for solving the mystery of the type of embroidery on the guest towels. I checked out the link you gave me, and it is spot on!!

Thanks again!

Judy B.
My Artistic Side

Mel said...

Hey Jennifer!

HEE HEE - love the kitty pic! :D Why do they do that - is it because it's warm? :D

I know we've talked gardening before, but I can't get over how different it is in AZ! I would love to have a garden like yours - no weeds! :D

crimsoncat05 said...

:D happy to help, Judy! I always love seeing your vintage finds from around the Valley of the Sun!

@ Mel: I think the kitty IS doing it because the computer is warm, although you'd think she wouldn't care, since she's covered in fur. (I don't think she's quite smart enough yet to do it JUST to annoy me- lol!!) And as for gardening, yes, it is "different" as us Midwesterners would say... not better, not worse, just "different." But don't think we have it easy; there are weeds here too! We had plenty of them this spring, because we had a really wet spring-- they just don't last too long, if you hit them with the Roundup, that is. And it seems like most of them can't survive the high summer temps and drier conditions. (but I know the seeds are out there, lurking and waiting!!)