March 31, 2010

cutting and pasting continues

a few more pages from my vintage gardening ring-bound journal... The cutting and pasting is continuing (slowly), and eventually, I get around to embellishing the pages and writing on them. I don't have large chunks of time to get out all my supplies, so not much gets done at any one time. (Some journal page closeups from iHanna, and stencil love on Jeane's blog and JaneEileen's blog, too, for an extra dose of inspiration!)
collaged flowers and sun on a painted background... not much to look at yet (besides colorful!), but I'll start doodling on it sometime soon.
vintage gardening page with paint and a gesso resist, collaged onto a watercolor paper background colored with watercolor crayons.
this one is in the larger spiral-bound journal; a painted background, collage paper, and an image from a vintage National Geographic magazine. Unfortunately, the paper in those magazines is reaaaallly fragile when it gets wet; her head ripped off when I glued her down, so she's a bit beaten up-- perhaps she'll have to get a necklace to cover it up!

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