March 30, 2010

Three-Day Thursday, on Tuesday

okay, okay, I know it's late... I've been busy! not all the time, but I knew I had some things going on after Thursday that I wanted to talk about, so-- anyway:

Last Tuesday I attended a Komen for the Cure "Get-Started" meeting in Chandler, AZ at the police dept community room. They host these meetings around the area to give people information about the 3-Day- to have an opportunity to learn more about it and ask questions before registering. I already registered, but went anyway- it was some really good information about the event, and the 15 minute video they showed was really inspirational.

Fundraising is always a concern for new participants, according to the team leader, but she can personally attest to the fact that it's not impossible to raise $2300-- she has raised $19,000 in six years of walking in the 3-Day!! She gave some really good ideas and tips for fundraising; I started scribbling down notes during the meeting, and have quite a few ideas in my head for ways to raise money.

On Friday, I met my fellow Ta-Ta Sisterhood members... it's going to be a lot of fun!! The team leader, Beckie, is really enthusiastic, and has tons of energy for this cause-- her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last December. Not everyone was able to attend- so far, there are 11 of us (I think), and all of us are first-time walkers, which I think is really cool!! The big fundraiser we're planning is a raffle/auction and rummage sale in June at a local reception hall located in a restored mill. Click here for pics-- Shenandoah Mill. Beckie is thinking big, which is great-- she has already been talking to the local newspaper, is working on getting a TV personality to attend, the mayor of Gilbert, AZ will be attending... the idea is big-ticket auction items, and a LOT of publicity for the event!! Hopefully, we will all be able to raise our money sooner rather than later, so we can focus on our training.

Speaking of training, last Sunday I walked between 6 and 7 miles... and I didn't collapse or anything, which is good! I still need to buy a new pair of shoes-- after that, who knows what I can do?!? I will be updating this blog, but will also put some updates on my 3-day page, so you can go either place to see what's happening with my 3-day challenge.

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