June 08, 2007

one down, twenty or so to go...

The glue is dry, and it's finished! Okay, almost finished- I still need to add a round piece of cardstock onto the back to cover up the rough edges of the flower petals. But it turned out really cute, I think! I inked the edges of the flower petals with distress ink before assembling it, and added brown rickrack for hanging.
My original thumbtack idea was shrink plastic shaped like bumblebees, but I decided on matching colored buttons, instead. And, of course, the colors match... I don't think there's any way I could sell this through my Etsy shop; I'm really not sure how I would ship it safely. So, it will have to wait for the show in August.

Now, I'm off to paint picture frames... to work on projects number two and three!

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