June 11, 2007

new crafty cuteness

Yesterday afternoon, we watched the Nascar race from the Poconos... well, we waited around for the race to start, then watched it till the rain stopped it early. While we relaxed, I got busy with some felt and my embroidery floss, and worked on some new pin designs. I named this little guy Fuzzy- he turned out so cute! He was cut out using pinking shears (I love them!), has orange embroidery floss stripes, and tiny white felt eyes attached with french knots. I didn't mean to, but he turned out kind of worried looking! Perhaps there is a hungry bird after him??
I made him for my upcoming "In the Trunk" Phoenix Craft Mafia show, but just couldn't keep his cuteness to myself till then, so he's now for sale in my Etsy shop. I also have his cousin Nate (a tan caterpillar with turquoise stripes), two light blue butterflies (perhaps some long-lost relatives?), and two felt and fabric flower pins almost done as well.
Hey, if you click on the Craft Mafia link above, check out the press link on the lefthand side to see our first real press! A mention on an entertainment webpage that has links to events all around Arizona!!
And now, off to bed for doggy and me... Tom left early this morning (more like middle of the night last night; he had to get up at 3 am!) for work, and I am beat!

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