June 17, 2007

hard at work!

Gardening in the desert... difficult, hot, sweaty work! The ground is hard as rock, and in some places we actually need to soften the ground with water, and use a hammer and chisel to loosen it up. But, the results will definitely be worth it.

Yesterday, our friend Mike brought us quite a few plants from his own yard; three yuccas, a century plant, pads from two different types of prickly pear, two small saguaro (that he raised from seed), and five small barrel cactus. A plethora of plants!! We also took out the palo verde tree from the front yard, and moved two Texas sage bushes to make way for the dry streambed we're planning.

The larger saguaro and another cactus, an Argentine toothpick, will be delivered the week after next. Then, we will be done! For the time being, that is... there's still a patio extension, beehive fireplace, and an inground jacuzzi to plan...

pictures to follow soon!

In other news, Tom is home for a short weekend from California; he's been working out there the last two weeks, and will go back again tomorrow for a few more days. Then, he will be taking some well-deserved time off! I am "in charge" at work for the next two weeks, as our supervisor is on vacation. (I'm not really in charge, but will have some extra responsibilities while she's gone.) We are making vacation plans ourselves, to head back to Wisconsin in July for Tom's family reunion, up in the woods outside Wisconsin Dells. We'll also be able to meet Mom and Dad for the day, too. It should be a nice trip, but too short, I'm sure. I'm going to be taking three classes at a "mixed media art retreat" that will be held in Phoenix in August... I want to take two classes on collage- one using paper, one using "found objects" and recycled stuff; and a class on making a Mexican style "art shrine" which is similar to a shadowbox. I can't wait!!! I found information about this retreat even before we moved out here, but just hadn't been able to fit it into my schedule before now. Art Unraveled is their website, if you want to check it out.

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