June 19, 2007

an end in sight...

I've put so many posts on here about "work in progress" it must look like I never actually finish anything! Well, that is the thing for me- Another Etsy seller posted about this on her blog; she called it "Crafts ADD" if I recall correctly... I definitely agree! I have so many ideas in my head, and so many projects in the works, that finishing them is sometimes difficult for me. But, this project is done. (...at least for now...) I've been working on felt pins lately, and most recently had about 5 or 6 going at once... I finally finished sewing the pin backs on all of them, mounted them on cardstock, and added Crimson Cat Paper Arts labels to all of them. They're ready to go for the trunk show, now, all thirteen of them! Of course, I did just buy some black wool-blend felt at JoAnn's this afternoon, for another idea I have in mind... but at least this group of pins is done! Now, on to the picture frame I have in process, and maybe try rubber stamping on the dominos.

A close-up of the shiny, sequiny butterfly pin. The body is one piece of felt, rolled up into a tube. The antennae were cut out of the same piece of felt. More shiny-ness than I usually do, but I thought it would be fun; I think he turned out cute!

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tigergirl said...

Oh, I know all about craft ADD!!