June 25, 2007

the incredible shrinking desk

This is what happens when I'm in the middle of multiple projects... my desk seems to get smaller and smaller, until there's nothing left. The work space shrinks till I'm working on my lap, basically. When chaos ensues, as it inevitably does, then I get overwhelmed by the mess and my creativity takes a vacation until I bite the bullet and clean it up again. I'm almost there, but not quite yet, thank goodness... Below is a close-up of the work space, if you can call it that- "space" is used loosely here... It all has a purpose, though- there are some stamped images that I may or may not use, some tags waiting for paint and ink, a few rubber stamps hanging around in case I want to use them, and some half-finished slide mount frames covered with paper that will (hopefully) eventually become keychains. Yes, it is practically impossible to find anything here, but that's beside the point. (and the real projects are being worked on out in the kitchen, on a corner of the countertop... that's where the gluing and pasting takes place- partly because it's closer to the sink, but partly because of the space issues on my desk, I must admit.) But, I have been working on a couple more new projects- the slide frames here will be keychains when they're finished; I finished two sets of stamped domino magnets, and I'm working on decoupaged dominos that will also be turned into keychains. (they're drying right now; pics will come later after I spray them with sealer.) And of course, as always, there are 4 or 5 more projects waiting to be started once I get these completed!

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