June 07, 2007

more work in progress...

I have a couple (okay, at least 5) more projects in the works, and wanted to show pics of the "before" states of each. Yes, I know, I haven't shown any photos of completed projects from the previous works in progress yet. That's because they're not complete. Yet. But I'm working on them, I promise! The trivet-turned bulletin board from the previous post is flattened under a stack of books till the glue dries as I write this, so there is some progress being made. (but slow- you can't imagine how long it took me to get the flower petals arranged so that I liked how it looked... sometimes I really get tired of being such a perfectionist about such things, but after 38 years, I'm not sure how I'd change.)
Anyway, on to the new projects in process... Yesterday on the way home from work, I decided to hit one of the local thrift stores, just for a few minutes. One and a half hours later, I walked out with these... two multi-pic photo frames, a clipboard, and not in the picture are two small bulletin boards. (the bulletin boards were even half price!) The black frame was plain; the white one had some silly little shell design painted on it. All have been sanded and are on their way to becoming something much more decorative! A few of the other needed ingredients: mod-pattern scrapbooking paper, cream-colored paint, silk flowers, pages from an old travel atlas, mod podge, rickrack, crackle medium and assorted ribbon (although rest assured that not all of these will be used on the same project!). The white frames came connected with jute twine, so that they hung vertically. I'll probably put them together the same way, just with some really pretty ribbon instead. The clip board will be covered with decorative paper and trimmings, and will become an "altered clipboard" which can be used to display photos. I've seen them on the internet, and wanted to make one, but never got around to it before. How could I pass up a clipboard in perfect condition for a thrift store price?? I couldn't, of course!

Then today, I stopped at WalMart. (I meant to go there yesterday, but spent too much time at the thrift store.) The composition books are destined to become journals covered in paper and trimmings, and the stencil was just darn cute. I think it was the bee skep with the bees that did it, actually- and the cute little ladybugs, and the caterpillar... darn cute! The dominos are something else I've wanted to try out for ages; they are popular for stamping on, decoupaging things on, decorating with polymer clay, all sorts of things... they could be magnets, pins, pendants, keychains... lots of things! Now I just need to figure out how to use Tom's dremel tool to drill holes in them, and I'm set.

In other news, it finally cooled off a bit here- today's high temp was only in the high 80s, which was a nice change from the 105+ temps of the past few days. Our hummingbirds are out in full force, too- they emptied the feeder in only 3 or 4 days! I just filled it up again this evening, so they're set for tomorrow morning. And, our saguaro cactus will be here in a couple weeks, too, so that's exciting! When I talked to the man from the nursery, I said we wanted to be here to direct them as to how to situate them when they're planted, but was told that it wouldn't matter. Cacti have to be planted the same way that they're oriented at the nursery; something about sensitivity to the sun??? So, they mark the south side of the plant before they dig it up, and make sure it's facing the same way when they re-plant it-weird, huh?? who knew?? Thank goodness the bullet holes in the saguaro are facing northwest, so they won't be facing the street directly! (although I still think the bullet holes are sort of romantic, in a "wild west" sort of way.)

And, in Craft Mafia news, we got our first bit of press already. Can you call it "press" if it's in cyberspace? I'm not sure, but I'm gonna! Someone (we don't know who) added a link to our first show on a site listing local events, movies, and music information. See it here... our notice is about halfway down the page. Cool, huh??

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