May 28, 2007

buttons and what you can do with them

I started going thru my button collection to do some de-stashing, and also made some mini cards with a few of them... I found some of the buttons just sort of "spoke" to me, and said they wanted to "be" something else... so, I sewed them to cardstock and made them into cherries, an apple, a purple balloon, and a cute 2-scoop ice cream cone. I also handmade some envelopes for them... they are now for sale in my shop.
I also sorted out some of the buttons into matching sets, arranged, and sewed them onto cards for sale. I have way more buttons than I would ever know what to do with, so if someone else has a use for them, they are certainly welcome to them. This set is about half mother of pearl buttons- I think they used to dye it different colors- some of these are dark blue, and there are some beautiful light blue ones also. There are also some interesting shaped plastic buttons (the light green), and three red buttons that I think may be Bakelite (but I'm not going to poke them with a hot needle to find out...) This set is all plastic buttons, mostly matching sets of various numbers and colors. Pink and beige sets, and some unique shaped black and white plastic. I really like the large dark brown buttons, but just don't have anything in my head to use them for.

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