May 29, 2007

it's official!!!

We are now "officially" the Phoenix Craft Mafia! Our group, and its website, have been approved by the first Craft Mafia, which started in Austin, TX. Click here to go to our website; there are links to Bios for all members, a shopping page showing some of our items (each takes you to our respective Etsy shops), and info on upcoming events. We already have three shows planned, thanks to PR work done by our President... we will be having monthly Trunk shows (titled "In the Trunk" to play off the Mafia image...) starting in August, at a cafe near the ASU campus. Now, I just have to start crafting!! I have lots of ideas, as always; just need to get to work and get them done! Small gift albums, magnet and thumbtack pin sets (college kids need organizing stuff, right?), photo frames, cards and envelopes... I need to go get to work!

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