May 18, 2007

a little (2.5 x 3.5 inches) more craftiness

That title is a just a little trading card humor... (little, get it?? okay, maybe not so humorous). I made a couple more ACEOs (stands for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals- the saleable version of Artist Trading Cards) a couple days ago. The first is pretty simple materials, actually- chalk and paper. The hard part was tearing the paper "just so" to get the mountains right, without ripping up an entire piece of paper!
I think I did a pretty good job, actually. This card is my attempt to capture the wispy colors of the Arizona sunrise over the mountains; now that it's getting light earlier in the morning, I see this when I drive to work. Of course, I do try to keep my eyes on the road, but seeing this landscape makes going to work a little easier!

This is the back of the desert sunrise card... I'm certainly no poet, but I wrote a haiku for the desert sunrise theme... poetry in only 17 syllables, and it doesn't have to rhyme, either!

This is the second card I made, also with a southwest theme... This one was made with a brass dry-embossing template of a goat petroglyph- petroglyphs are ancient images carved into the rocks... there are a number of sites in AZ where you can see these, although we haven't seen any yet. Instead of using the embossed side, I used the "de-bossed" side to represent "carving" into the rock. I added very tiny (1/8 invh, maybe??) swirls punched from turquoise paper, and the piece de resistance ( I think, anyway) is the feather and beaded accent tied onto the corner.

They are now for sale in my shop; hopefully somebody else will think they turned out as nice as I think they did!

In other news, the Buzz and Bloom ACEO from the previous post was purchased (YAY!!) by a woman who is putting together a collection of ACEOs from artists in all 50 states- my ACEO covers Arizona. That is a really neat idea, and I could totally get into something like that, although I think if I started to buy ACEOs it could really get out of hand- there's a lot of interesting artwork out there!

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