February 07, 2007

very small update & a sneak peek- edited

This is Dallas Arcand, who was last year's World Hoop Dance Champion. We only saw the first day of the competition, so I don't know yet who became this year's champion. I'm still working on cropping the pics, but I wanted to mention that I got rid of my picturetrail account, and now have a flickr account for photo sharing. (I'll add a link to it in the sidebar, too.)
Edit 02/13/07: the Hoop Dance pictures have all been cropped and added to my Flickr page- just click on the link at the right ----> that says "my flickr page" and once you're there, click on the box that says Hoop Dance Competition to see the pics. Mom and Dad, I hope they aren't too huge for your dial-up connection to handle! If they are, let me know and I can hopefully re-size them again for you. I'm still working on the museum pics... of course, you can see the museum in person when you come to visit this fall!!!

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