January 23, 2007

small update- new project

A small update because it was a small project- shrink plastic charms! (haha, not the best attempt at humor, I know...) I got out the shrink plastic and my rubber stamps the other night, and this is what I came up with.
This set of charms used rubber stamps for the flowers, and a punch I have that makes a watering can... the flower ovals are about an inch long... I stamped the flowers, then colored them with colored pencils.

This set of hearts used a heart-shaped punch and ink for coloring. After punching the hearts, I thought "why not cut around the punched-out areas, too?" so I made the outline shapes, too. Waste not, want not, right?

Another set of punched hearts, this time stamped before shrinking. I used a gingham background stamp and a polka dot background stamp on these. Even as an adult, there's just something really cool about watching the plastic curl up and move around as it shrinks in the oven! These are going to be for sale in my shop (the first set is already, but the site crashed in the middle of listing the next ones); they could be used for scrapbooking, on a card, or for tons of things I can't think of right now, as it's rather late...

I have ivory and black shrink plastic, too, and also some that's called "sea glass" that turns out all frosted when it shrinks. I just need some time in the kitchen with the oven!

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Sylvie said...

Cute cards and adorable charms !!