January 21, 2007

cold Sunday crafting

Just a bit of cold Sunday afternoon crafting today... another wool felt pin, this one with a few blue and purple flowers (forget-me-nots, I call them). The whole thing is about 3 inches tall... I like watching football, but not by itself, so crafting this was my answer. It is now for sale in my Etsy shop.
I also spent some time cooking up a big batch of sloppy joes; I love cooking that sort of thing when the weather is cold and cloudy. The other night, I also made a big pot of chili. There's just something about having a big pot of "something" simmering on the stove, knowing it's cold outside, and having the aromas of cooking waft through the house. And, bonus- there's leftovers of both in the freezer for later!

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Godelieve said...

Such a cute little treasure!! It's beautiful!