January 19, 2007

the latest crafting

A few of my latest creations (even though I don't really know how to use it yet, the new camera runs rings around the scanner!) The first project is a sunflower pin made from some wool felt (clearance-priced, even!) from JoAnn's... it has some wonderful color variations- the name of the color was "tangelo" I believe. Below is a bookmark made using grosgrain ribbon and more wool felt. I got the idea at work last week- lots of times that's what happens: I get ideas when I can't act on them right away- and sketched it out so I wouldn't forget. It reminds me a bit of Lowly Worm, a character in the Richard Scarry books I loved when I was little- Lowly Worm hops around on one foot (since he's a worm) and drives a little car shaped like an apple. Mine, however, is a BookWorm! (...now if I could only figure out how to put tiny wire-rimmed glasses on him... )

I think he turned out darn cute!! I cut two apples, and sandwiched the ribbon and the stem in between. The worm is also sewn into a slit into the apple, to give a bit of a 3D effect.

I have a couple things in my shop for Valentine's Day; this is the latest- iris folding with a decorative paper punch used for the corners. Iris folding is so easy, and gives such an elegant effect. It's just time-consuming to cut and fold all the paper strips, and then to tape them all down one at a time...!

No takers on any of these items, though- I really thought someone would at least buy the bookmark already; perhaps people just don't read books any more?? I know I don't read near as much as I used to, but in my opinion, there's nothing that compares. Some stories just have to be envisioned in your mind, not on the movie screen. Well, that's the end of my crafty goodies right now, although this evening I may work on some more ideas that have been rattling around in my head.

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