February 15, 2007

used book sale bounty!

Last weekend I spent Saturday at the state fairgrounds in Phoenix at the VNSA booksale (Volunteer NonProfit Service Association). According to their website, it is the largest charity used book sale in the country. The books are donated and sorted all year long and are sold to raise money for non-profit agencies in the community. I think I read about it in the paper; I was intrigued when I saw "over 600,000 books" would be for sale. I left late in the morning, and spent a horrendous amount of time in traffic (over an hour longer than it should have been) because they were doing some sort of repairs on the interstate- four lanes of traffic down to one- on a Saturday! Traffic was backed up for at least 10 miles... I finally got off the interstate and drove thru Phoenix to get there around 1:30 pm, and shopped till about 5:30, a half hour before closing. I could have spent all day there, easy- I've never seen so many books in one place, it was overwhelming! They had shopping carts, and some people had them heaped full of books!!! This is my bounty- I was judicious, and only picked what would fit into my tote bag. It got heavy, too, because the world atlas (bottom of pile) was the first book I chose! Most of these things were $1 or less; the atlas will be used for cards or envelopes (it's a bit out of date, being published in 1964). The Martha Stewart mags were 60 cents each... yes, I used to subscribe, and I kept lots of them, but got rid of them somewhere along the way. These two have some good projects in. I found the Lord of the Rings (3 books in 1 volume) for $5, the Hobbit for $1... two hardcover craft books for $1 each, and two cross-stitch leaflets, both for $1.60. All together, my stack of books was under $15- a pretty good haul! The wall hanging is from a Thimbleberries quilting book titled Christmas Cottage- do you have that one, Mom?? The Victorian paper dolls are out of a Martha magazine, and the last pic is of the two X-stitch leaflets- one is herbs, and the other is samplers- 10 Inspirational Samplers, all for $1. I probably won't ever stitch an entire sampler, but there are some really nice motifs that I can use. The other craft book I bought is all projects using felt; I already have quite a few projects in mind from it... I spent most of my time in the home decorating, cookbook, and classics sections... didn't really even shop in fiction, music, DVDs/CDs, reference, science, or children's books... I'll know better next year and get there earlier! Maybe I'll save up to fill a shopping cart- but of course, then I'd have to find someplace to put them all!

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