February 15, 2007

a Valentine's surprise...

from my wonderful Thomas- it's been almost three years, but he can still surprise me! Our anniversary is in a couple weeks, so we weren't planning anything big for Valentine's Day... but, he did anyway! I usually step outside the building and call him during my lunch break at work... I called him, like usual, he answered, and we had the usual "how was your morning?" conversation... then, he commented on seeing a plane fly overhead- I looked up, and sure enough, a FedEx plane had just taken off (I work very near the airport). It took me a second; I really had to think "how could he see that plane when he's 15 miles away at his office??" then I realized he was sitting in his car in the parking lot right across from me! He brought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a wonderful mid-day, mid-week surprise!

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